Terpi is your premier holistic health CBD supplier, . After investing in, consulting for, and even creating several large hemp-based CBD brands, we learned that if we really wanted to share our best ideas – we’d have to do it by ourselves. On our venture we began to notice most of the hemp-based CBD oil products available were lacking potency, quality, and transparency. Naturally, we began experimenting and making our own creations. We found that we had put together some pretty unique things, and soon our friends and family began to ask about it. Out of a passion to bring the same potent, high quality, and unique products to everyone: Terpi was born. We like our creative freedom here at Terpi, and we hope you enjoy what we've made for you.

Our company uses only organic US grown and extracted hemp. When others import pastes from Europe & Asia; we are dedicated to responsible, local sourcing. By sourcing US grown hemp, we are able to attain greater control over the quality of the extract. This results in some pretty unique, terpene-rich products that can't be found anywhere else due to our ability to tweak the extraction process. With a level of transparency that remains unmatched, we have much to share with you!

A few simple promises we make about our hemp:

- Extracts independently tested

-C02 extraction (Solvent-Free)

-Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan

-Only US grown and extracted hemp used.

-Hemp is handgrown & picked; without the use of tractors.