99% CBD Hemp Flakes (Isolate)

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Hemp flakes are the purest form of CBD. Being an isolate, they are 99%+ CBD content. Hemp flakes can be vaporized, dabbed, eaten, or added to a warm tea of coffee. Our hemp flakes are derived from USA grown organic hemp. This product contains a half gram of hemp flakes, with 500-10,000mg CBD content.

*Note: Orders of 7G+ will not be shipped in half gram packages, these will be considered bulk orders and all of the isolate will be shipped in one larger container.


  • Uses no additives – 100% organic hemp oil. 

  • Great for formulating your own products.
  • Uses only organic hemp in production. 

  • This hemp oil product contains 500-10,000emg of CBD. 

  • Made in the USA. 

  • Hemp extract is organic, kosher, non-gmo, pestisideless, derived and extracted from hemp grown on family farms in the united states. 

  • Hemp oil is hard, crystal – not soupy like most dabbable CBD hemp products on the market. 

  • 500mg cbd in about .5 grams for one of the most concentrated food additive/dabbable hemp oils on the market. 

  • 2-50x more potent than the most hemp oil products available on the market today. Providing you one of the cleanest products on the market without potentially harmful additives. 

  • Small batches to ensure potency, consistency, and quality. 

  • Our hemp oil is extracted via supercritical C02, without harmful solvents such as: butane, alcohol, or ethanol. 

  • Hemp flakes are dual use, meaning they can be added to food and hot tea or vaporized. 

  • Hemp flakes have had many favorable reviews. 

  • Bulk pricing available, please inquire for pricing.


Bulk pricing available, please inquire for pricing.

This can be ordered to all 50 US states legally.