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CBD Sauce. This product is made with our proprietary blends of authentic cannabis, hemp, and fruit terpenes to provide you with the tastiest isolate on the market.

Our CBD Sauce is one of the purest forms of hemp. They are about 95% CBD content, and 4% terpene content. CBD Sauce is intended for dabbing, vaping, or commenting other essential oils. One gram of CBD Sauce contains approximately 950MG CBD/40mg terpenes.

  • Made in the USA. 

  • Hemp extract is organic, kosher, non-gmo, pestisideless, derived and extracted from hemp grown on family farms in the United States. 

  • Small batches to ensure potency, consistency, and quality. 

  • Our hemp oil is extracted via supercritical C02, without harmful solvents such as: butane, alcohol, or ethanol. 

  • The most exclusive CBD dab product on the market, accents traditional dabs nicely.

Bulk pricing available, please inquire for pricing.

This can be ordered to all 50 US states legally.